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Now offering telemedicine - A virtual veterinary experience 

St. Francis Animal Hospital is excited to be one of the first to bring telemedicine services to the CSRA,  allowing you and your furry friend to consult with our team when you’re at home or on-the-go.


Pet Desk, our platform accessed via smartphone app, allows for a digital doctor’s appointment with live video and text messaging. Whether you just need to upload a photo or want to have a live video consultation, our digital services provide the flexibility to fit your pet’s needs.

Pet Desk is available to both new and existing St. Francis clients but an in person physical exam in the previous 12 months is required for a telemedicine visit. 

Connect with Dr. Linsay Barnes

We have all been there; Googling symptoms or hitting the message boards, and it doesn't usually end well. We are now offering a better way: consulting directly with our veterinarians about what matters most. We now have the technology so you can consult with our veterinarians via video chat. 

Flexibility to meet your needs 

The Pet Desk App allows us to offer both video chat (most common) or text message based consultations. We allow you to choose which is easiest and most appropriate for you and your pet. Text us a picture or video or have a live video consultation — our telemedicine platform is flexible, meeting your needs under any circumstance.

What can you expect from a telemedicine consultation? 
  • Telemedicine consultations will be scheduled and conducted via our app, Pet Desk. There is a link at the bottom of this page that brings you to a download link. If for any reason you have trouble with the app, please email us at 

  • All consultations (video and text message) are 20 minutes long. The fee for these visits is $40.  If for some reason, an in clinic visit is required, you will receive a $20 credit on your account. 

  • The fee for the consultation will be collected prior to your appointment time. Any additional fees (medications, food, etc.) can be paid for at the time of pick up. There are no refunds for missed appointments. 

  • Telemedicine visits will be conducted on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays with Dr. Linsay Barnes. 

  • All patients must have a current, in clinic, exam in the last 12 months in order to be eligible for a telemedicine consultation. 

  • Owners must complete a consent form electronically prior to their appointment. That consent form can be found here. 

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What kind of appointments are recommended for telemedicine?
  • Laboratory findings and consultations. * Please note you may be asked to bring in samples prior to visit if applicable. 

  •  Nutrition or behavior consultations

  •  Triage appointments - does your pet need to be seen NOW or can it wait?

  •  Possible toxin exposure

  •  Lameness

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